Mechanical services from AHS Motorsport

Single-seaters, of free design and construction. 1300cc air-cooled VW Type 1/2/3 engine. A variety of constructors offer a complete car or a bare chassis and many cars have been converted from Formula Ford 'Kent' chassis. Wings and other aerodynamic aids are prohibited and a minimum weight including driver evens things out.

We offer a full range of services for Formula Vee, from hiring one of our highly tuned race cars for the day, to full race support and setup throughout the season.

Chassis Fabrication

Chassis fabricated, altered, repaired, modified, one off work is welcomed, bronze welding repairs.

Mig Welding

Repairs or upgrades to race cars we can offer mig welding, tig welding, and gas welding/brazing.

Rolling Road / Dyno Testing

Rolling road we have a Clayton 200 BHP rolling road with 4 gas analyzer

Engine Builds / Re-builds

VW type 1 engines are our specialty from simple rebuilds to all out screamers.

AHS Motorsport is the home of the side draught motor and Tillotson carburetor conversions. All engines are dyno tested in-house and guaranteed to perform.

Tillotson Carburetors

Two years ago we decided to find an alternative to the current crop of carburetors that never really lived up to the job, our aim was to find a carburetor that would not suffer from fuel surge on track. The only carb we could find was a Tillotson go kart carb but that was designed for a 2 stroke and they did not make one any where near big enough.

How ever 2 years on and a lot of head aches later we can now offer Tillotson carbs that work perfectly on 4 stroke engines and out perform the old school carbs. 2011 will see the launch of the auto jet correction system.