Frequently asked questions about AHS & Formula Vee

How much will it cost to arrive and drive for one race?

AHS have a simple pricing policy which is the same for all of our customers, that is £700 per single day and £850 for a double header plus vat. This includes car transported to the circuit, use of the car, mechanic, tyres, fuel. Not included track fees, impact damage.

If I buy a car can you look after it for me and take it to the tracks as and when required?

Yes AHS can offer packages to suit all requirements, typically AHS takes delivery or collects your car. From then on the car is prepared and stored ready for your instructions. The costs for this service varies because of the differing demands from our customers. However as a general guild, £390 plus vat per day of usage, plus labour and parts required to prepare the car ready for its next outing.

Can AHS store my car if I do not use it for a while?

Yes we offer storage at our workshop and this is charged out at £2.00 per day plus vat.

If I take up your owner driver package but only use the car once or twice a year will I be charged storage?

If you use the car for 10 days or more then storage is included for the season. Less than 10 days usage incurs our standard storage fees of £2.00 per day plus vat.

What is included in your Tester sessions?

We have been holding our tester sessions now for well over 15 years and they are very popular. We meet you at the circuit which is generally Bruntingthorpe Proving ground located in Bruntingthorpe village Leicestershire. Where we have at your disposal a road car for tuition, and a single seater Formula Vee. First move is to fit you in to the single seater adjust pedals seat ext, then on to the track in the road car until you are happy to jump into the single seater. Once in the single seater you will be encouraged to achieve the best possible lap time as you can. Track time is set at 2 hours however you need to allow at least 4 to 5 hours to proceed through the whole process. This is a one to one service so you will have has much tuition and support as you require. The cost of the tester sessions are £800 plus vat and this is an all inclusive fee.

What is the minimum age that I compete in a Formula Vee race?

16 years of age is the minimum age to take part in a formula Vee race.

Can I drive a Formula Vee car before I am 16 years old?

We are happy to provide unlimited testing and tuition to under 16 year old drivers.

If I hire a car and crash in to something what happens?

All impact damage is the responsibility of the driver.

If some one crashes into me on track who pays for the damage to my car?

Sorry to say this but its your problem there is a simple rule in motor-sport your car your bill, there is no blame or compensation.

Can I insure against accident damage and how much will that cost?

Yes there are many really good motor sport insurers about these days most offer exceptionally good deals to insure the cars. You car arrange cover yourself of we can insure for you. Or there is always the option to cover damage yourself. It may be worth stating the damage in Formula Vee is the exception not the norm.

What budget would I need to complete a full season of Formula Vee in an arrive and drive car, including all fees and a few test days?

A rough guild is £20,000 that should cover 750MC membership, championship registration, car hire, test fees and race entries.

How much should I pay for a second hand car and what should I be lucking for.

Cars vary in many ways that being age, quality, condition, potential performance. Generally speaking £2000/4000 cars require some form of work, repairs, upgrading. £4000/6000 should be good all round cars capable of performing from the outset. £6000/8000 these should be right on the money and ready to go. Always ask to drive the car if that is possible, are there any spare parts included in the transaction, when and who rebuilt the engine, then contact the engine builder and enquire what, and when as been carried out. We are always happy to offer our advice on any Formula Vee car were ever it may be offered for sale. If you are not able to drive the car we can inspect, rolling road, look over the car for you. Remember buyer be-where, it costs nothing to give us a call 01455 553052 and ask. AHS usually have pre owned cars available and we offer a guarantee with all of our sales.

How much is a new car?

There are cars available for around the £17,000 mark our current model the Championship winning Dominator starts at £20,000 plus vat. The reason that our car is more expensive that our competitors is simple. We only use new parts where available, our exhaust systems are mandrill formed stainless steel. The Dominator is constructed of cold drawn seamless steel tube, and above all is a fully guaranteed product constructed for you to your requirements. The AHS Dominator has been awarded best top ten car awards for 2012 and 2013 buy Autosport and has won the Vee championship 2012 and 2013.

What are the differences between the centre carburettor engine and the side-draught and down draught engines?

The answers to this question is very complex and far too involved to go into here, how ever I will attempt to give an over view.

Centre carb engine, this is a very popular configuration for several reasons


  • Only one carburettor
  • One carb means there is no adjustment required to keep both banks of cylinders in sink
  • Generally a cheaper engine to produce
  • Has good top end performance


  • Poor bottom end performance will not pull below 5500rpm
  • Engine has to be revved to 7500 plus to enable good gear changes
  • Requires rebuilding quite regularly

Down draught 2 carburettor engine


  • Excellent bottom end performance will pull from 4000rpm
  • Pulls cleanly to 6800rpm
  • Only requires 7000rpm to make good clean gear changes
  • Should last a season with out rebuilding


  • 2 carbs to keep in sink
  • Carbs stick out in the air stream and can ice and become contaminated with water in wet conditions
  • Requires more maintenance work between rounds

Side draught AHS Tillotson engine


  • Flat power band
  • Excellent bottom end pulls from 4750rpm
  • Excellent mid range
  • Excellent top end will pull cleanly to 7500rpm plus and still on the power curve
  • Should last a full season with out rebuilding
  • Responds to miner adjustments
  • A powerful engine when maintained well


  • Expensive engine to produce
  • Requires the same maintenance as the 2 carb engine, but dose not suffer with the water ingress